Rugby Union Online Sports Betting in Australia

Rugby is a sport most Australians are passionate about. Whether it is a local game or an international tournament, almost every sports fan has a vested interest in supporting their local team. In the world of international rugby, union rugby is certainly the most popular. Played locally and internationally union rugby brings together nations from all around the world to compete for the rugby World Cup. For local punters, rugby offers the perfect opportunity to place bets on the winning teams. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at rugby union online sports betting and the various types of bets that can be placed online.

Online Rugby Bets

If you are new to the world of rugby union online sports betting, the good news is that you can start off with simple bets where all you need to do is predict the winner of a particular match. In Australia, all top-rated online betting sites offer a full range of straightforward and exotic rugby bets that can be placed on any tournament or individual match. The most commonly placed bets for novice punters include:

  • Match winner – This is a simple rugby bet where punters predict the winner of an individual match either on its own or part of a tournament.
  • Rugby futures bet – At the start of any tournament or global event like the world cup, punters can place bets on which team they think will win the tournament outright or in the case of the world cup, be crowned world champions.
  • Line bet – With rugby union online sports betting, sometimes to teams will face off where one team has a clear advantage. In these cases, local Australian online bookmakers will set a line or margin for the winning team. Punters then place bets on whether the team will fall above or below the line.
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Exotic Rugby Bets

In addition to the set of standard rugby bets, many local bookmakers also offer a whole host of exotic bets where punters can use their extensive knowledge of the teams and players to give them an advantage. Some of the most common exotic rugby bets include:

  • Total points bet – This is a bet where punters must predict the total number of points scored in the match.
  • First try – With this bet, punters pick which team or individual will score the first try of the match.
  • Asian Handicap – This is a bet where punters predict which team will be ahead at half team or in the second half without taking into account the score in the first half.

Getting the Right Information

With Australian rugby union online sports betting, there more you know about the teams and the sport, the greater your chance of placing a winning bet. In rugby there are a number of important factors than can influence the game. These include where the match is being played, injuries to the team, coaching changes and previous matchup results. If you want to get started betting online, you are in the right place. Here at, we have created a full list of Australia’s best online betting sites. All of the sites featured here offer sports betting for multiple categories as well as betting bonuses and secure banking facilities.

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