The Tumbles & Cheers tumbling program is one of the leading programs of it’s kind in Northeast Ohio. We pride ourselves in the expertise of our coaches, having trained and attended numerous conferences & clinics throughout the year to ensure the latest tumbling techniques, tumbling drills and body mechanics are being applied in our curriculum. We offer the same instructional quality, year-round, to both our Team athletes and our Recreational athletes!

Our Classes

all-levels-tumblingLevel 1(Mini & Senior): This class is designed to introduce athletes to the basic weight-bearing skills needed for tumbling. Students will be taught proper techniques safely and effectively. Skills include; forward and backwards rolls, handstands, bridge kickovers, front limbers, cartwheels and round-offs.

Level 2 (Mini & Senior): This class is designed to introduce athletes to bounding skills (quickly transitioning from feet to hands to feet) and will begin teaching how to connect these skills in succession. Skills include; standing back handspring, standing multiple backhandsprings, round-off backhandspring(s), front handspring and jump backhandspring.

Level 3: In this class, introduction to flipping skills in a tucked body position is taught. Mastery of Level 2 skills is necessary to learn these skills as they are more difficult and require proper foundational skills. Skills include; standing back tuck, standing back handspring(s) back tuck, round-off back tuck, round-off backhandspring back tuck, front handspring (step-out) round-off backhandspring, punch front tuck, front tuck step outs and jump back tuck.

Level 4: This class is designed for the elite tumbler. A mastery of Level 1, 2, & 3 skills are required. Athletes are introduced to flipping skills in a straight and hollow body position (layout). In this level, athletes will learn and master the most advanced acrobatics. Skills include; standing tucks with a full twist (standing fulls), round-off layouts, round-off backhandspring layouts, round-off full twists, round-off backhandspring full twist, double full twists combination/specialty trick passes and jump combinations to back tuck.

Mini vs. Senior Levels

• Mini Levels (1&2) are for athletes 6-11 years old.
• Senior Levels (1&2) are for athletes 12-18 years old.
*Due to the difficulty of prerequisite skills, Levels 3 & 4 do not have an age restriction.

How long are the classes?

• Levels 1 & 2 are 50 minutes in duration.
• Levels 3 & 4 are 90 minutes in duration.

Which class is right for me?

No worries! We’ll be able to recommend the appropriate class for your athlete. Follow these steps to get into the gym:

1. Find which level above is most appropriate for your athlete.
2. Call us at 440.937.5591 or check our Online Class Schedule to find a class that works for you.
3. Come to Tumbles & Cheers and have fun!
4. After your class is complete, the coaches will make a recommendation on which class is right for you!

Pricing Structure

*Pricing differs with Level*

Early Bird (L1 & L2) $60/mo
Regular Price (L1 & L2) $70/mo
Early Bird (L3 & L4) $85/mo
Regular Price (L3 & L4) $95/mo





Early bird pricing is honored if payment is made between the 1st & 20th of the month however, your FIRST CLASS IS FREE! Use the Class Schedule link in the nav bar to find the class that’s right for you! See you soon!