There is a place for everyone at Ohio Extreme no matter the current level of cheer experience.  We place our students based on age, ability and experience.  Everyone is a champion at Tumbles & Cheers!

The Ohio Extreme Allstars is a great place for anyone with a desire to learn and have fun! Our teams practice year round and compete both locally and nationally. Teams are selected in May and compete throughout the school year. Teams are selected based upon age and experience. No experience is necessary for most teams! Everyone is welcome and everyone who is evaluated is placed on a team!

2016-2017 Ohio Extreme Full Year Teams

“The Future is Bright!”

In honor of our 15th season, we’re renaming our teams! Be sure to check out our all the socials for updates! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

• Tiny Prep – Glow
• Tiny 1 – Sparkle
• Mini 1 – Pixies
• Youth 1 – Glitz
• Youth 2 – Glitter
• Junior 1 – Emeralds
• Junior 3 -Rubies
• Senior 4.2 – Majesty
Small Senior Coed 5 – Royal Vibe
• Small Senior 5 – Queens

Travel Schedules

Each of the teams fall into one of three different travel schedules:

Local  – total of 7 competitions within a two hour drive
National  – total of 9 competitions, some extended travel required
Worlds  – total of 9 competitions, several extended travel destinations


Our competition schedule runs from May – April.

Check our Competition Schedule page for more detail!

Our competitions will be held in large arenas and convention centers on spring floors which is a safer environment for the skills that allstar cheerleaders do today.

 Age Brackets

• Tiny 3-5yrs
• Youth 6-11yrs
• Junior 12-14yrs
• Senior 15-18yrs

There are spots open on various teams.  If you are interested, please contact our office at (440) 937-5591 or email our Allstar Director, Coach Whitney at [email protected] for a private evaluation!

Athlete Absence Calendar